February 2015 – Future Energy Technologies participates in an international Raphia Palm research project.

FET is a part of an international Raphia Palm research project with e.g. the French research organization IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement) and Aarhus University. The total project budget is approx. 200.000 EUR and is funded by the French Agropolis Fondation. More than 82 project proposals were submitted and only 9 full projects and 12 small projects were approved for funding.




November 2014 - Future Energy Technologies work with ETEQ Ventures to raise additional capital.  

FET is working with ETEQ Venture in relation to raise additional capital.

ETEQ Venture is an independent consultancy, specializing in supporting technology ventures in their efforts to secure funding for business development and develop their project to a successful exit.

For more information about ETEQ Venture visit their website: 



September 2014 – Future Energy Technologies has extended its partnership with the SPRINT Center.

FET has sent a second generation prototype to the SPRINT Center. The prototype is now being tested on Arenga/Kaong palms in the Cavite Province in the Philippines. Professor Lorenzo Lapitan and his research team from Cavite University are responsible for the field test. FET expects the first test results very soon.

For more information about the SPRINT Center: SPRINT



April 2014 – FoodCulture writes about Future Energy Technologies

The Danish magazine, Foodculture, has written an article about FET. The article focuses on the market need, the innovative technology, unique selling points, test of the product, and different applications of the tapped palm sap. The article is available online on FoodCultures website.   



January 2014 - Future Energy Technologies now work with Søren-Michael Pihl from Pihl Task Force Management

Søren-Michael Pihl will be working for FET as a external senior consultant. Søren-Michael will be responsible for FETs investor relations. See more about Søren-Michaels experience and competencies under About FET



November 2013 – Future Energy Technologies has established a partnership with the SPRINT Center.

The SPRINT center is a Sugar Palm Research, Information, and Trade Center under the Cavite University, the Philippines. The project will last 6-8 months and will focus on test of FETs technologies on Arenga/Kaong palms.

Project Manager from SPRINT: Lorenzo Lapitan jr.

For more information about the SPRINT Center: SPRINT



June 2013 – Nordea Iværksætterfond supports Future Energy Technologies.

Nordea Iværksætterfond has granted FET a DKK 400.000 loan guarantee on favorable terms.  

The object of Nordea Iværksætterfond is to finance development, IPR, production, and marketing of innovative Danish concepts. Nordea Iværksætterfond focuses on innovative business models and technological developments with a great business potential. The loan guarantee is issued by Nordea Bank Danmark A/S.

Click here for more information about Nordea Iværksætterfond and Nordea Bank Danmark A/S



April 2013 – Future Energy Technologies attended the Kaong 50-50-50 planting event in Indang, the Philippines, on April 6th 2013

Future Energy Technologies is the proud sponsor of 250 Kaong seedlings.

The event is a part of the project: Bringing Kaong Back or Isang Sama-samang Pagtatanim. The project aims to increase the population of kaong in Indang and nearby towns for economic and ecological benefits. Kaong 50-50-50 represents planting of at least 50 Kaong seedlings in 50 sites involving 50 volunteer groups. The other major sponsors and participants are: De La Salle Health Science Institute, Lasallian Institute for the Environment, and Pagbabago People Power Volunteers.

The project is managed by the Sugar Palm Research, Information and Trade Center (SPRINT) of the Cavite University.

For more information about the SPRINT Center: SPRINT

Seedlings Sponsor (FENERTECH) - Certificate of Appreciation


March 2013 – Future Energy Technologies receives DKK 300,000 grant  

Væksthus Midtjylland has on behalf of the Central Denmark Region and the European Regional Development Fund granted Future Energy Technologies DKK 300,000 for the project of CleanTEKmidt. Future Energy Technologies works with AgroTech and Firmaet Keld Sloth to develop the automatic sap extraction device and perform field tests.

Link: CleanTEKmidt



March 2013 – Future Energy Technologies receives DKK 500,000 grant  

AU Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has on behalf of the Central Denmark Region and the European Regional Development Fund granted Future Energy Technologies approx. DKK 500,000 for the project of ‘Genvej Til Ny Viden’. The grant allows Future Energy Technologies to establish a knowledge-based collaboration with leading researchers from Aarhus University and the Technical University of Denmark. The collaboration is expected to result in transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge, development of new technological innovations, shorter timer to market, and new growth opportunities.

Link: Genvej Til Ny Viden



January 2013 – Agro Business Innovation A/S (ABI) invests in Future Energy Technologies

ABI is an independent venture capital firm that invests in promising early stage startups within the agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technology industry.  ABI can contribute with great knowledge, experience, network, and business management skills.

Jacob Mogensen, Project Manager, joins the Board of Directors of Future Energy Technologies.

Link: Agro Business Innovation A/S



October 2012 -  R4SME under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

FET is currently working on a proposal for R4SME under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Therefore, we are looking for SMEs and RTD performers for the project proposal. The requested SMEs should own forest areas for testing, have experience with development of biocompatible devices, or work with production, handling, and distribution of 1. generation bioethanol.

The RTD performers should possess knowledge and experience on different technologies to extract biofuels from plants.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the R4SME project.



June 2012 – Innovation MidtVest A/S (IMV) invests in Future Energy Technologies

IMV is one of six venture capital firms approved and co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. The goal of IMV is to develop knowledge-based companies that can become tomorrow’s growth companies. IMV has great experience in assisting promising startups in the initial and difficult development stages.

Peter Smedegaard, Investment Director at IMV, joins Future Energy Technologies as Chairman of the Board.

Link: Innovation MidtVest A/S