Investor Relations

Future Energy Technologies was founded in 2012 by Inventures ApS (John Børsting), co-founder Kåre Hartvig Jensen, and Innovation MidtVest A/S (now Borean Innovation A/S). Today, FET is owned by Inventures ApS, Borean Innovation A/S, Kåre H. Jensen, and Agro Business Innovation A/S.


Borean Innovation A/S

Borean Innovation is one of 4 venture capital firms approved and co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. The goal of Borean Innovation is to develop knowledge-based companies that can become tomorrow’s growth companies. Click here


Agro Business Innovation A/S

Agro Business Innovation A/S is an independent venture capital firm that invests in promising early stage startups within the agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technology industry. Click here


The project is open for investments from outside investors. Interested investors are welcome to contact John Børsting via e-mail or phone + 45 24430107.


Future Energy Technologies’ Board of Directors consists of the following 4 members:

Billede1Steen Palle, Chairman of the Board
Investment Director, Borean Innovation A/S

Steen Palle has a M.Sc. Civ. Eng. degree and has great experience within business development, entrepreneurship, IPR, marketing, strategy, establishment of partnerships, communication and management of startups.

Email: · Phone: + 45 96354531

JohnJohn Børsting
CEO, Future Energy Technologies

John Børsting is an engineer and founder of Future Energy Technologies. John Børsting has experience within technical product development, project management, and protection of IP. John is also co-founder of the successful ventilation company InVentilate and has previously worked at Danfoss and Bang & Olufsen.

Email: · Phone: + 45 24430107

Jacob Mogensen

Jacob Mogensen
Project Manager, Agro Business Park

Jacob Mogensen has a Master in International Business. Jacob Mogensen is the Manager of the Innovation Network for Biomass (INBIOM). Therefore, Jacob Mogensen has an extensive network to relevant partners and a thorough knowledge about the international bioenergy industry.

Email: · Phone: +45 61718162


Kåre Hartvig Jensen
Partner, Future Energy Technologies and Assistant Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Kåre Jensen is Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and co-founder of Future Energy Technologies. Kåre’s field of research is biological fluid dynamics with special emphasis on transport phenomena in plants. Kåre was from 2012-2014 a Research Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. Kåre has also collaborated with e.g. MIT, Princeton University, and Washington State Uni. Kåre is a member of the Danish and American Physical Society, and he has published and peer reviewed several international recognized publications.

 Email: · Phone: +45 25 2749