About FET

Future Energy Technologies (FET) is an innovative Danish technology-based company. FET was founded in 2012 by John Børsting, co-founder Kåre Hartvig Jensen, and Innovation MidtVest A/S – a Danish venture capital company.

FET’s mission is to develop new core technologies to extract and process high sugar content sap from plants, e.g. palm trees. The extracted sap has a high commercial value as it can be used for production of products in the food and bioenergy industry, such as e.g. sugar and ethanol.

FET works closely with researchers from Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark, and Harvard University to develop the core technologies. For more information about FET and the scope of the technology – see the technology section or contact the FET Team.


FET Team

The FET team comprises an experienced group of professionals with extensive knowledge within the fields of alternative energies, technical product development, intellectual property rights and business management.


John Børsting
CEO, Future Energy Technologies

John Børsting is an engineer and founder of Future Energy Technologies. John Børsting has experience within technical product development, project management, and protection of IP. John is also co-founder of the successful ventilation company InVentilate and has previously worked at Danfoss and Bang & Olufsen.

Email: JB@fenertec.com · Phone: + 45 24430107


Kåre Hartvig Jensen
Partner, Future Energy Technologies and Assistant Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Kåre Jensen is Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and co-founder of Future Energy Technologies. Kåre’s field of research is biological fluid dynamics with special emphasis on transport phenomena in plants, e.g. the phloem ultrastructure and pressure flow, universal properties of sugar loading, and osmotically driven pipe flows and their relation to sugar transport.

Kåre was from 2012-2014 a Research Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. Kåre has also collaborated with e.g. MIT, Princeton University, and Washington State Uni. Kåre is a member of the Danish and American Physical Society, and he has published and peer reviewed several international recognized publications.

  Email: khjensen@fysik.dtu.dk · Phone: +45 25 2749

Søren M. PSøren-Michael Pihl
External Consultant, Future Energy Technologies

Søren-Michael is responsible for FETs investor relations. Søren has experience with investments, sales, marketing, and business development from jobs at Post Denmark, Mercedes Benz, and as interim CEO and board member.

Email: Sorenmichaelpihl@gmail.com · Phone: +45 29 39 89 39


Scientific Network

Future Energy Technologies has established a scientific network of leading researchers from Aarhus University and the Technical University of Denmark. The scientific network consists of the following 6 researchers:


Martin Jensen
Senior Scientist, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University

Research areas: Horticultural crops, plant production, breeding and selection of plants, and innovation of new products.

Email: Martin.Jensen@agrsci.dk · Phone: +45 40594286 or +45 87158331

Anders S Barfod

Anders S. Barfod
PhD, Assoc. Prof., Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University

Research areas: Palm systematics, economic botany, and forest resources

Email: Anders.Barfod@biology.au.dk · Phone: +45 87156572

Jens Vinge Nygaard

Jens Vinge Nygaard
Head of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

Research areas: Tissue engineering and advanced bioactive implant materials.

Email: jvn@inano.au.dk · Phone: +45 41893170

John Nieland

John Nieland
PhD, Assoc. prof., Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

Research areas: Biofuel production technology, molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry, vaccine development, medicine and CNS diseases.

Email: jni@iha.dk · Phone: + 45 87302424

Claus Hélix-Nielsen

Claus Hélix-Nielsen
External Professor, Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

Research areas: Development of biomimetic membranes for sensing and separation purposes.

Email: Claus.Helix.Nielsen@fysik.dtu.dk · Phone: +45 60681081

Anders Kjær
Anders Kjær
Research Assistant, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University

Research areas: Plant physiology, genetic diversity, and plant stress responses.

E-mail: anders.kjaer@agrsci.dk · Phone: +45 87158391