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About FET

Future Energy Technologies (FET) is an innovative Danish technology-based company. FET was founded in 2012 by John Børsting, co-founder Kåre Hartvig Jensen, and Innovation MidtVest A/S – a Danish venture capital company.

FET’s mission is to develop new core technologies to extract and process high sugar content sap from plants, e.g. palm trees. The extracted sap [...]


Palms: FET expects palm trees to become an even more important crop in the future. Palm trees such as Arenga pinnata, Nypa fruticans, and Borassus flabellifer grow sustainably in Southeast Asia and can be harvested for large amounts of high sugar content sap. Other species of sugar producing palms grow in Africa and South America. The [...]


February 2015 – Future Energy Technologies participates in an international Raphia Palm research project.

FET is a part of an international Raphia Palm research project with e.g. the French research organization IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement) and Aarhus University. The total project budget is approx. 200.000 EUR and is funded by the French Agropolis Fondation. [...]